A propos de / About VO DINH


 ... Vo-Dinh is truly a Vietnamese artist... Though his work non-Vietnamese have a chance to know and respect a people who have suffered immeasurably, but who also are endowed with talents and an old and rich culture...

Song Than, Saigon


...The woodcuts of Vo-Dinh are of great beauty. A poetic atmosphere emanates from the entire body of his work.

La Revue Moderne, Paris


... A blend of Oriental delicacy and Western starkness...

The Gallery Gazette, Vancouver, Canada


... This is a (Vo-Dinh) exhibit to see, and one which will stay with you...

The Forum, Pittsburgh


... The mood throughout is consistently one of reflective poeticism, with occasional overtones of the mystic...

Pictures on Exhibit, New York



... He is strong in landscape...

Art News, New York


... From Vo-Dinh work we gather a feeling of strength, elegance, and depth

France-Amerique, New York


...There is always a hint of landcsape but more of the imagination than of the eye, as if the forms are emerging from some inchoate, primeval mass.

The Sun, Baltimore


... a style which is frankly sophisticated.

Art Voices, New York